Be aware of symptoms of mental disorders around you

Depression is a mood disorder that causes the sufferer to constantly feel sad. In contrast to the usual sadness that lasts for several days, the sadness of depression can last for weeks or months. In addition to affecting feelings or emotions, depression can also cause physical problems, change the way of thinking, and change the way people behave. Not infrequently people with depression difficult to live daily activities normally. Even in certain cases, they can hurt themselves and try to kill themselves. If it’s like this case, it’s good you rest and come to us to help you to heal yourself then you are dependent on drugs. Because in a more natural way you will be more receptive to what’s happening in your life, which is why we’ll be happy to help you. Immediately contact us via the website,

There are various things that can trigger the occurrence of depression, ranging from stressful life events, the loss of a loved one, feeling lonely, to having a fragile personality to depression. In addition, depression experienced by a person can also be caused by suffering from severe and prolonged illnesses, such as cancer and heart problems, severe head injuries, the effects of excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs, to the consequences of genetic factors in the family.