Cause Indoor Blower Air Conditioning Split

Indoor blower or often called an indoor fan is a tool that serves to help the air circulation so that high-temperature air can pass through the evaporator so that evaporator can absorb such high temperatures. If the indoor blower does not work properly then air can not circulate heating and cooling Grand Rapids, causing the evaporator temperature to be very low. This causes the dew that should flow into frost. Here are some causes of indoor blowers cannot work properly: Motor Blower Damage Blower motor is a blower drive motor so that the blower can rotate, motor blower damage that often happens is a dead/weak capacitor, bearer/bearings wear, and winding blower motor burn. If it’s like this, you will inevitably have to contact us from the heating and cooling Grand Rapids.

Leaves Blower Damage Leaf blower or blower fin is a very important part of the blower so that if there is damage such as fracture or corrosion will result in the blower function becomes not maximal. Crooked Blower Shaft A blower shaft made of logan due to a long age or due to a less potentially curved side of the treatment, resulting in unstable blower rotation. Dirty Blowers Air in a room containing dust will cause the blower to become dirty, causing the distance between the blower leaves to be more narrow and will reduce the ability of the blower in circulating the air.