All you need to know about Dog Breed Sizes

Dog Breed Sizes

Who doesn’t love dogs? They are man’s best friend. Dogs of all species in the world have the greatest diversity in terms of breed, having about 493 breeds, than any other animal in the world. There are dogs that weigh as low as 5 pounds to the huge ones that weigh around 200 pounds. Luckily, dogs come in shapes and sizes to suit everyone’s needs. There is the normal lapdog that keeps you company. There is also the huge dogs that can be the best source of security, it having a fierce appearance.


They are dogs that have the main characteristic of them weighing normally 12 pounds or less. There are some dog clubs that increase this range to 18 pounds one source being the American Kennel Club group page. These dogs were in existence since ancient times by the moneyed or the royalty. Most people have the thought that all these dogs are just there to sit on your lap all day with minimal exercise needed and also having minimal endurance. This is not true as there are breeds that portray high energy levels, as some have a liking of long walks like the Papillons.

These toy dogs are very advantageous for instance; they have a low cost of feeding, they are very easy to keep in line and the mess they make is minimal. 


Having a small dog is very satisfying to many and causes fascination and who can blame them? They have almost the same advantages as their smaller counterparts and also thrive in the urban setting quite well. They generally weigh from 12 to 25 pounds. The main issue about these dogs is the ”Small Dog Syndrome”. This is where they are yappy and annoying dogs. As a result of their size, they are often allowed to present dominant behavior because they are not as big as the larger dogs. Thus they will be wanting you to obey their commands rather than them obeying yours as explained by ”PetcareRx”



They have a very wide diversity as they range from 25 pounds to 50 pounds. They are also very diverse as they category only bases on weight regardless of height and shapes. These dogs have many characteristics as some are hunting dogs while there are also herding dogs while some are just the greatest pets. They are big enough to be a great company and playmates but also small to be a good addition to a family. Before all these, with all the diversity, it is important to look for the one with the best characteristics that suit one’s needs. 


They generally weigh from 50 to 100 pounds. These are dogs are normally a handful as it is very dangerous having an uncontrolled dog of this size. They can also be the best companion ever when they are well trained as they know what is expected of them. They cost more than the other smaller counterparts as they eat more and cause a very big mess. They also require more dosage in terms of treatment and are harder so they may cost more when they are ill. Some of these dogs require a lot of exercises but there are some that just staying indoors, there are some that are low cost but also there are others that require grooming. Something to mention also is both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi own these type of dogs.



They are generally dogs that weigh above 100 pounds. These are dogs that are not just gotten but require initial thought and planning in advance as they require much more responsibility. Though they are mostly calm indoors, they require a big room to run around and exercise. Most certainly one thing that will increase will be the food bill as they will require bombastic portions of food. They most importantly require training on their obedience as it is very dangerous having a disobedient dog that is that huge. The main disadvantage of them is that they have a much shorter life span than the other dogs. Despite their short lifespan, they are the best companions and provide love beyond comparison.



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