The Akita Dog

The Akita dog

Breed Information:

Size – Large
Height – 26 to 28 inches
Weight – 110 pounds
Grooming – Medium
Exercise – Demanding
Feeding – Medium
Temperament – Courageous and Dominating

The Akita dog originated in Japan as a fighting dog that was also used for hunting bear. 

During the Edo period around 1630 dog fights were used to help Samurai maintain their aggressive edge in a time where they were not allowed to engage in any military training. Although their history may lead you to believe that the Akita is one of the dangerous dog breeds, the modern Akita dog is an excellent house dog with an easygoing temperament.

Akita puppies grow quickly into their full size as a large dog. They stand 24 to 28 inches at the withers and weigh from 75 to 180 pounds. The come in Red Fawn, Sesame, Brindle, White, and Pinto colors and have beautiful, smooth coats.

This breed is a great family pet because they do not require much exercise, they typically only bark when there is something to bark about and they tend to make people feel calm and relaxed. The Akita likes to follow their owner from room to room, but they have an uncanny ability to avoid being underfoot. Another quality that makes them a great house pet is that they are very clean. They have been described as almost “cat-like” and they are easily house broken. This training can usually be done in a few weeks without any trouble. The Akita dog is patient, friendly and a great protector of children.

The Akita puppy

Akita puppies, like the one pictured below like to be around other dogs or people. If they are left alone, they tend to become destructive.

While they are great family dogs, the Akita dog is a dominant dog and expects other dogs to be submissive. They also have a high and well-developed instinct to hunt prey. They have been known to run down and attack small animals, and they have been known to kill rabbits, cats and even small dogs. This can be avoided by keeping them in a fenced yard and on a leash in public.