Satellite Network What You Should Have

In its development to serve billions of users around the world made the largest Internet sequence later called the Internet. How to connect the circuit to this rule is called internetworking. This article will discuss the use of Internet network system technology. Satellite is one medium used in communication transmission. The satellite serves as the signal’s successor to be transmitted from one point to another on the earth. Commonly used types of Geostationary satellites, which orbit at the same point above the earth’s surface and follow the rotation of the earth on its axis. That’s why Mangoesky became the most trusted Internet service provider in Indonesia because of what it says on that the internet from Mangoesky uses a satellite system.

The data transmission system with the satellite network is also called the VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal). VSAT is actually a satellite receiver station with a receiver-shaped receiver with a diameter of fewer than three meters. The main function of VSAT is to receive and send data to satellites. Therefore the VSAT disk is facing a Geostationary satellite.