Nowadays all brands of AC seem to race to make browser a confusing feature. Various features are offered as if to intrigue consumers who forget that the main purpose of air conditioning is too cool the room. Other features are added and here we are aircon servicing, aircon servicing would like to remind you to choose a suitable air conditioner. Many occur where consumers buy air conditioning that is not appropriate so that consumers themselves are disadvantaged both in terms of excessive use of electricity and inconvenience of the use of the AC. Your air conditioner works very hard daily. The air-conditioning located in the bedroom can be lit for more than 9 hours a day. Of course, it makes sense if you choose AC that saves electricity.

AC is now equipped with some additional features such as features that can remove odor and reduce the virus in the air. Choose an efficient air conditioner because the proper use of air conditioning will greatly waste your electricity. Your bedroom AC will flame more than 9 hours a day, of course, important you choose a power-efficient AC. Make sure you compare the AC after you know the PK you need from your air conditioner. It makes no sense to compare AC 0.5 PK with AC 1.5 PK because it’s like comparing apples and oranges. In comparing it you should also see how much wattage the AC uses at the initial pull (first turned on) until the moment it goes. AC type inverter will use higher electrical power on the initial pull.