When the relationship of two people ends; something ends not only the ego of the self but stops to hurt each other; because is not it when two people together who should be present are happy while they both collect more wounds. Because whoever knew God’s destiny? You can ask people to stay by your side, anytime-but if the fate says no, what can you do? Because whoever knew the depth of a person’s heart? Like love, compassion, friendship, separation sometimes ending for no reason; it’s because fate both are working properly. So do not ever worry let alone hesitate, tell God, find peace with us angeli custodi.

Lost is a choice, but a hint will always exist for those who believe in God’s destiny. Because God has a reason that is never polluted, because God is the fairest scales of the universe; the calculations will never go wrong. God’s promise will never be broken and hope that God will never be disappointed. You just need to know that whatever is never destined for you, to be grasped no matter how hard it will be, whereas what is yours, want you to get off so far, he will return to you.