Types of Attendees in Disturbing theaters

Everyone must have their own habits while watching a movie in the cinema. If you notice, no matter what movie you watch, you can certainly find several different types of people in every studio and cinema. Some of them are annoying and make you feel annoyed. That’s why we recommend you to watch through http://www.juaramovie.com.

– Come late
This type of personality hobby is skipping the ad and just entering the movie time has started about ten to fifteen minutes. They prefer to wait outside or walk first. However, the annoying thing is that they end up late. As a result, they just entered when people are already focused on the screen. Concentration was dispersed when they were busy looking for a seat.

– Spoiler
Usually, he had already watched the movie first. Or, at least read the synopsis and all the facts about film production. When you do not ask, he will give you some trivial knowledge, such as when the actor’s dilemma does not take on this role, who will be killed, who will be dating, and how the end of the movie.